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Rocket Validator is continually evolving, this document describes the latest changes on the user interface and features.

2021, February 1st

The reports interface has had a major redesign, offering a lighter and faster UI, powered by Tailwind and Phoenix Live View.

All listings (web pages, html and accessibility issues) are now sortable by the different columns, and all can be filtered (per URL or issue message).

Filtering issues

2020, July 6th

Summary reports has been upgraded to include the 3 main HTML and accessibility issues found.

Summary report

2020, June 21st

The user interface for reports has been redesigned to make it simpler, more accessible and easier to understand.

User menu is now a drop-down list

The user menu at the top has been converted to a drop-down menu, instead of individual buttons.

User menu collapsed User menu hover User menu expanded

Previous version of user menu

Reports list with column sorting and bulk deletion

The reports list has been simplified, by offering the right amount of information that is needed at this level. Instead of detailing the number of errors and warnings, we just show the total number of issues for each check.

Columns are sortable now, so with a click you can sort your reports by URL, number of web pages, number of HTML or accessibility issues, and creation date.

Reports can now be bulk-deleted. Instead of deleting reports one by one, you can check many and then click on the "Delete" button to remove them at once. Range selection is supported using the "shift" key.

Report list now includes column sorting and bulk deletion

Reports can be checked for bulk deletion

Previous version of report list

Report summary includes more details and stats

The new reports summary view provides a high-level overview that lets you quickly understand the status of your checked site. While the previous summary report was just a horizontal colored bar, the new report summary includes:

  • Number of web pages found.
  • Total number of HTML issues found.
  • Total number of accessibility issues found.
  • Mutings applied, if any.
  • Time of the last check.

Also, for the HTML and accessibility checks, a progress gauge shows the percentage of pages that passed all the checks.

Report summary now includes more details and stats

Close look at the report summary details: number of web pages, issues, timestamps

Close look at the validation gauges that show the percentage of web pages that passed all the checks

Previous version of the report summary was just a horizontal color bar

Report actions are now a drop-down list

The report actions for re-scraping, re-checking and sharing reports are now bundled together in a drop-down list.

Report actions can now be accessed via a drop-down list

Previous version of report actions

Report web page list with column sorting and bulk recheck

The new report web pages list can now be sorted by URL, HTML or accessibility issues, or status.

Also, the web pages can be marked for bulk re-checking.

Report web pages list can now be sorted by column and bulk rechecked

Web pages can be selected for bulk rechecking

Previous version of the report web pages list

2020, April 22nd

HTML checking is now optional.

Previously, the HTML check was always included, but now you can decide what checks to include on the reports: HTML and/or accessibility.

This lets you save credits on your account and work with a more focused checking scope when you need it.