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In order to interact with the Rocket Validator API, you must authenticate using an API token.

You can generate an API token for your account on the API tokens section. When you do so, you can also define its scope (read-only or write permission). Using the token on an API request you'll get access to the resources on your account. If you ever need to revoke access for a token, just delete it.

Keep in mind that an API token works as a complete authentication method, acting as a substitute of your username and password pair. It's important that you keep these tokens secure - on generation, the web interface will only show the token once, it's your responsibility to keep it secure.

Once you have a token, you must include a bearer-type Authorization header.

Example: authenticating your requests

curl \
   --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOURAPITOKEN'

All requests must be made via HTTPS.

The authorization header must be present in all requests, but for the sake of brevity we'll omit it in the rest of the documentation.