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Summary Reports

Chances are that the issues found on your sites affect many of their web pages, but in reality it's the same issue over and over again. In many cases, the affected code lies within a layout or a shared template, so fixing it once will remove this issue from hundreds or thousands of pages at once.

HTML / A11Y issues tab

To help you understand the big picture, Rocket Validator gives you a summary report that groups together all the HTML issues found. To see it, just click on the HTML issues or A11Y issues tab:

HTML issues tab

On this report, you'll see all the issues found in all the web pages, grouped together and ordered by their frequency. For each issue, you can see how many web pages are affected by it.

The grouped issues are ordered by their severity and the number of web pages that it affects, so you can concentrate on fixing the most important issues first.

HTML issues report

Seeing web pages affected

Click on an issue, and you'll see the pages that have this exact issue, and how many times it appears on each different page.

Issue and pages

Once you've found and fixed this issue on your site, you can click the "Re-check all pages with this issue" button to re-check all the web pages affected by this issue.

Issue on a given web page

You can also click on one of the affected pages to see where this issue happens exactly in the web page. Click on the line and column buttons to jump to the exact line in the HTML code.

Filter issue on page