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Guest Accounts Pro

Guest Accounts is a Rocket Validator Pro feature that lets you invite other Rocket Validator users to share your subscription resources in terms of validation credits and features, without compromising your main account credentials.

Using the Rocket Validator API you can completely manage your guest accounts by listing, creating, updating or deleting guest accounts.


Unique ID for the guest account. Also known as "guest token".
Invitation URL
For an available invitation, public URL to be shared with the guest so it can be accepted.
Max Usage
Maximum number of allowed credits per month.
Current Usage
Used credits for the current month. Will be reset to 0 at the beginning of each month.
Name and email of the guest user that accepted the invitation.
Inserted At
Timestamp with the date of creation of this guest account.
Updated At
Timestamp with the date of last update of this guest account.
Accepted At
Timestamp with the date of acceptance of this guest account.


Example: Guest Account

  "data": {
    "attributes": {
      "accepted_at": "2022-02-22T15:11:28",
      "current_usage": 0,
      "guest": {
        "email": "",
        "name": "Jean Example"
      "inserted_at": "2022-01-23T14:49:46",
      "invitation_url": null,
      "max_usage": 5000,
      "updated_at": "2024-05-03T08:31:18"
    "id": "G30629C8BD",
    "type": "guest_account"
  "jsonapi": {
    "version": "1.0"

List of Guest Accounts

To list all your guest accounts, send a GET request to /api/v1/guest_accounts.

GET /api/v1/guest_accounts

Retrieve a Guest Account

To retrieve an individual Guest Account, send a GET request to /api/v1/guest_accounts/$GUEST_ACCOUNT_ID.

GET /api/v1/guest_accounts/$GUEST_ACCOUNT_ID

Create a Guest Account

To create a Guest Account, send a POST request to /api/v1/guest_accounts, with a JSON payload in the body including the max_usage attribute.

Example: POST

  "data": {
    "attributes": {
      "max_usage": 1000

Update a Guest Account

To update an existing Guest Account, send a PATCH request to /api/v1/guest_accounts/$GUEST_ACCOUNT_ID.

You can include any of these attributes in the payload:

  • current_usage. Positive number, indicating the current usage for the ongoing month.
  • max_usage. Positive number, indicating the maximum allowed credits per month.


  "data": {
    "attributes": {
      "current_usage": 500,
      "max_usage": 2000

Delete a Guest Account

To delete an individual Guest Account from your account, send a DELETE request to /api/v1/guest_accounts/$GUEST_ACCOUNT_ID.