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Common HTML Issues

Typically, the same kind of issue affects many Web Pages on a given Report. For example, the issue "The “center” element is obsolete. Use CSS instead." may affect many Web Pages on the same report.

A Common HTML Issue represents a given HTML Issue that is common to many Web Pages, thus showing its details, how many times it's found on the Report, and links to the related Web Pages.


Unique ID for this Common HTML issue.
Report ID
Id of the related report.
Issue Type
Error or Warning
Issue Sub Type
Optional, provides additional info on the type of the issue.
Brief description of the issue.
Comma-separated list of tags to categorize this issue.
How Many
Total times this issue has been found in the web pages for the report.


Web Pages
The list of Web Pages affected by this issue.


Example: Common HTML Issue

        "data": {
            "attributes": {
                "how_many": 132,
                "issue_sub_type": null,
                "issue_type": "error",
                "message": "Duplicate attribute “id”.",
                "report_id": "72eecced-8472-41fc-b194-59b7496c7576",
                "tags": ["duplicate attribute"],
            "id": "144375908",
            "relationships": {
                "web_pages": {
                    "links": {
                        "related": "[common_html_issue_id]=144375908"
            "type": "common_html_issue"
        "jsonapi": {
            "version": "1.0"

List Common HTML Issues on a Report

To list the Common HTML issues found on a report, send a GET request to /api/v1/reports/$REPORT_ID/common_html_issues.

Example: list the Common HTML issues found on a report

GET /api/v1/reports/$REPORT_ID/common_html_issues

Filtering by message

To include only the HTML issues of a given kind, use the filter[message] option.

Example: filter HTML issues for a report about "table"

GET /api/v1/reports/$REPORT_ID/common_html_issues?filter[message]=table

Filtering by tag

To include only the issues for a given tags combination, use the filter[tags] options:

  • filter[tags][mode] setting the tag combination mode, which can be any, all or none.
  • filter[tags][list] including a comma-separated list of tags.

Example: filter HTML issues for a report tagged with "label"

GET /api/v1/reports/$REPORT_ID/common_html_issues?filter[tags][mode]=any&filter[tags][list]=label

Retrieve a Common HTML Issue

To retrieve a Common HTML Issue on a given Report, send a GET request to /api/v1/reports/$REPORT_ID/common_html_issues/$COMMON_HTML_ISSUE_ID.

Example: retrieve a Common HTML issue on a report

GET /api/v1/reports/$REPORT_ID/common_html_issues/$COMMON_HTML_ISSUE_ID

List the Web Pages affected by a Common HTML Issue

To list the Web Pages that are affected by a given issue, refer to Filtering by HTML issue on the Web pages endpoint.