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  • 2021-08-28. Changed API host to
  • 2020-05-12. Updates Reports section, explaining how to create and delete Reports, and the new checks detail. Updates Schedules section with rename of boolean attributes perform_html_checks and perform_a11y_checks.
  • 2020-05-05. Added Mutings section.
  • 2020-05-04. Upgraded Schedules section, to include Schedule listing, retrieving, and filtering of Reports by Schedule. Add Quick Start section with code examples.
  • 2020-04-12. Added Resources, Common Accessibility Issues, and Common HTML Issues sections. Expand each resource section with description of attributes, relationships, and example.
  • 2020-04-10. Reorganized API guides in separate sections.
  • 2020-04-07. Use underscore instead of dash in keys.
  • 2020-04-06. Changed API tokens URL to api/tokens.
  • 2020-03-13. Moved documentation to
  • 2020-03-02. Changed API host to
  • 2020-02-28. Initial version.